Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Blog

This morning was spent on retreat in our hotel in order to reflect on our journey thus far. Mark opened by once again lifting up Luke 24: 13 – 35. As the disciples' eyes were opened to see Jesus, our eyes have been opened, as we have encountered our Christian and Buddhist brothers and sisters. A second theme was raised by Hiu Tung, of pilgrimage. Our trip has been one of pilgrimage for each and all of us. Much sharing occurred around both themes.

The afternoon was spent in free time, and some of us revisited the Temple, and others went sightseeing and shopping at Beijing Street and Jade Market. In the evening we shared a meal and conversation with four Christian brothers and sisters from churches here, Alison, John, Paul and Charlie. Our group felt blessed by this experience!

Group late Friday evening with house church friends

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  1. We continue to marvel vicariously! What an adventure. Glad to know you are all well and enjoying so fully.